Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Latin Reading Group

An informal group that meets fortnightly to read medieval texts in Latin in a friendly and supportive environment. All levels of Latin expertise welcomed.

Contact: Jenny Smith,

Time: 1-2:30 every second Thursday

Location: Baillieu Library

Forthcoming dates:

The pieces chosen are either directly related to members' research or have language and vocabulary that members want to explore for their research. There is usually an English translation available for the texts chosen.

Texts are usually extracts and have included the Lives of St Mochuda, Alexander the Great and Charlemagne, Leonardo Bruni's history of the Florentines, Bede's history of the English, various prophecies and Carmina Burana.

Current text:

On May 17 we are starting Alain of Lille's Complaint of Nature. The Latin is at and an English translation by Douglas M Moffat is online here:

Some generally useful links:

Glossary of words not found in classical authors:

Niermeyer's medieval Latin dictionary:

Online dictionary and grammar of classical Latin (University of Notre Dame):

An online tutorial for medieval Latin:


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