Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Studies


Welcome to the home page of Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Studies at the University of Melbourne. This is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental programme, offering a range of courses in these areas in a series of undergraduate majors, postgraduate coursework programmes and research degrees.

The undergraduate majors, the Graduate Certificate and Diploma and the Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma allow you to combine subjects from different Schools in the Arts Faculty and selected subjects from the Faculties of Music and Architecture, Building and Planning.

If you are interested in undertaking a research degree (MA or PhD), please contact staff in the relevant School.

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News and Events

There are many discussion groups, seminars and conferences in these fields: see the links under Seminars and Conferences on this page.

Middle English Reading Group

The first meeting of the Middle English Reading Group for 2016 will be at 11:00 on Monday 8 February, reading a short section of John Gower’s Confessio Amantis.

Old English Reading Group

The next meeting of the Old English Reading Group will be at 2:00 on Tuesday 9 February in John Medley 106, continuing to work on Beowulf.

Byzantine Greek Reading Group

The next meeting of the Byzantine Greek Reading Group will be at 5:15 on Wednesday 10 February in room 509, 757 Swanston Street.

Chartism and Medievalism

A paper by Stephen Knight for the Medieval Round Table at 6:00 on Monday 7 March in room 602, 757 Swanston Street.